Six Reasons Why English Spelling Is So Weird

The English spelling system never fails to amaze and confuse linguists and learners alike for having weird and inconsistent spelling rules. It is so challenging and complex, that it is often cited as one of the reasons why English is difficult for learners to master.  We understand what they feel. We literally named this blog […]

What Does Ghoti Mean in English?

If you’ve never seen or heard the word “ghoti” in English before, you might pronounce it as /ˈɡoʊti/ or something similar to “goatee.” You might even mistake it for an Indian word or a word from an Indian language. However, this word does not appear in any dictionary, and both native English speakers and those […]

A Brief Overview of the Great Vowel Shift

‍Many languages underwent a period where they experience a significant amount of change. German has the High German consonant shift, while Latin eventually became the ancestor of all Romance languages, including French and Spanish. English is no exception to this rule, as it experienced major changes in pronunciation during a period called the Great Vowel […]