About Ghoti English

Ghoti English (pronounced fɪʃ ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ) is a blog where everyone can learn about the peculiarities of the world’s lingua franca and its connections with other languages and other aspects of life. Like all languages, English has several unique characteristics, and we strive to highlight them on this website.

While this place is called Ghoti English (yes, we named this blog after the creative respelling of the English word “Fish”), it’s more than just a blog about learning the English language. It’s also about bringing people from all backgrounds together to celebrate all languages and cultures. We work hard to keep the passion for the English language alive and make English more interesting for everybody. 

We welcome all language and linguistics enthusiasts as well as students, teachers, professionals, and everyone who wants to learn something new about English and other languages. 

What to Expect From Ghoti English

We may not cover every essential English lesson or information about the language here at Ghoti English. After all, we’re not a typical English language learning blog. But we strive to share unique insights about the English language and its connection with other facets of life, such as:

  • Linguistics
  • Foreign Languages (e.g. French, Mandarin Chinese)
  • History
  • Culture
  • Politics and Government
  • News and Current Events 
  • Economics and Business
  • Technology

And so much more!

We’re also accepting topic suggestions from community members! If you have any topic you wish for us to cover, or if there’s something we can improve, please leave it in a comment or send us an email at englishghoti@gmail.com.